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LH Covid

Ages 18-65. Proof of positive Covid test.


Ages 18-65. Must not be on a prescribed pain med.

Major Depressive Disorder

3 Open Trials. Ages 18-65. Contact to see if you qualify.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Ages 18-75. Must be currently trying a medication.

Cannabis Withdrawal

Ages 18-55. Cannot be on controlled substances, antipsychotics or pain meds

Pediatric Migraine

Ages 12-17. 6 months of migraine symptoms.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ages 18-65. Overall good health.

Vanda Motion Sickness

Ages 18-75. Willing to be on 4-hour boat trip with possibility of placebo.

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“I got access to medication that really helped me turn a corner in my depression.”

Phillip H.Patient, GCRC - Ft. Myers

This is how treatment evolves.

Our Researchers conduct the most rigorous health screenings in the field of medicine so we can LEARN about your condition, and truly participate with you in your clinical trial. All the while compensating you for your time and travel.

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People will live better lives in the future for what we do now.

Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center promotes the development of improved medical therapies by conducting safe and ethically sound human research studies