Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center is a leading clinical research organization located in Fort Myers, Florida. Our leading psychiatrists and staff have been conducting clinical research trials since 2004 and have been widely recognized for their experience and expertise in neurological, psychiatric and behavioral disorders.

Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center associates are experienced research professionals who are dedicated to the advancement of cutting edge pharmaceutical research. GCRC partners with pharmaceutical companies to develop innovative treatments. GCRC strives to educate and improve the quality of life in our community through their passion and dedication to clinical research.


  • The researcher’s goal is to learn about your illness.
  • The researcher must use standardized procedures. You will probably be removed from the study if your illness worsens.
  • You will be randomly assigned to a group taking a standard treatment or placebo, also known as an inactive pill (control group), or a group taking a new treatment (treatment group).
  • The results from your participation may help researchers develop new treatments and may be published so that other researchers can learn. Your treatment is designed to help you, not to help the doctor learn how to treat people with your illness.
  • In some cases, costs of the study may be covered, and you may receive additional compensation.
  • With your permission, researchers may check in with your doctors to learn about your conditions and past treatments.

Your doctor

  • Your doctor’s goal is to treat your condition.
  • Your doctor will change your treatment as necessary.
  • Your doctor will usually offer standard treatment for your illness.
  • You will likely need to pay or use insurance for treatment.
  • Your doctor usually won’t share your information with researchers. (In some cases, he or she may ask permission to share information).